Friends the drama of Pasqualino Maione I was in the

Friends, the drama of Pasqualino Maione: “I was in the hospital for 4 months, I lost 30 kilos”

Pasqualino MaioneCandidate of the seventh edition of friends won by Marco Carta, admitted serious health problems because of covid. The singer was forced into a long hospital stay that took a lot out of him physically, and he decided to recount his ordeal in an interview, where he said he’d lost over 30 pounds.

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Complications from Covid

In an interview with the weekly newspaper Nuovo Pasqualino, he confided that it all started in July, when he contracted the Covid twice. Amici’s former competitor said he was forced inside the house for 20 days with a very bad headache, from which he often passed out. He also had a very high fever and was unable to recover in any way until he was taken to the hospital.

The shelter

«The fever didn’t go away, so they took me to the hospital and after the tests found that all my readings were wrong. They found out that I had a virus that had taken over my whole body. The pneumonia had reached the brain and caused meningitis, which they caught just in time,” he explains, still distressed by the incident. Pasqualino says he’s still in the hospital and still undergoing cortisone therapy.

In recent months, Maione said he has received support from other former Amici students such as Roberta Bonanno and Marta Rossi. No contact with Maria De Filippi, with whom he no longer had any relationship after the end of the show. There were also some phone calls with Marco Carta.

Last updated: Friday 20 January 2023 14:36