From June pound notes with the face of King Charles.webp

From June, pound notes with the face of King Charles III will be available. in circulation

The Bank of England's new £10 banknotes featuring the image of Charles III. will come into circulation from June 5, the bank said on Wednesday.

The design of the banknotes, unveiled more than a year ago, features a portrait of the British king. In addition to the 10 pound notes, the image of Charles III is displayed. also appear on the five, £20 and £50 notes. The new banknotes will circulate alongside existing banknotes bearing the image of the late Queen Elizabeth.

Gradual and responsible production

According to the Bank of England, new banknotes are only printed to replace wornout banknotes and to meet a general increase in demand for banknotes. The bank said this approach follows Royal Palace guidelines and aims to minimize the environmental and financial impact of the change.

That means the new banknotes, which pay homage to the 75yearold monarch known for his environmental campaigns, will come into circulation “very gradually,” the bank added.

Roulette on British money

Charles III, who became king in 2022 after the end of Queen Elizabeth's 70year reign, will be the second monarch to appear on Bank of England banknotes. Britain's Royal Mint began issuing the first coins featuring Charles' profile for general circulation in late 2022.

Reactions to the new design

The change in the design of Britain's banknotes comes at a turbulent political time in the country, with many eyes on the political opposition, particularly after the sudden death of Alexei Navalny. Anastasia Panchenko, like many other young Russians, experienced her political rise thanks to Navalny. Shaken by his sudden death, she now turns to his widow Julia to take on the role of leader of the Russian opposition.

However, the Bank of England hopes that the admission of Charles III. on the banknotes will serve not only as a tribute to the current monarch, but also as a reminder of the King's commitment to environmental issues.