1674649775 From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

Launched in 2016, Genesis is still a baby among luxury brands but is already playing in the big leagues, as evidenced by the list of awards it’s won across the continent. The launch of the GV70 compact SUV in 2021 has helped it more than triple its Canadian sales. Growth was 26% last year, and Genesis expects another 22% increase in 2023, boosted by the upcoming launch of the GV70 Electrified.

The latter represents the most important product launch in the brand’s young history and will eventually become its bestseller, said Eric Marshall, director of Genesis Motors Canada. Keep in mind that the entire range will be electric by 2030.

On the fringes of the 2023 Montreal Auto Show, The Auto Guide was part of a small group of journalists invited to connect the capital and metropolis at the wheel of Genesis’ first two electric vehicles that are still fresh and hot: the GV60 crossover and the electrified mid-size sedan G80.

From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

GV60: the new commercial vehicle of the year

A year after the GV70, it is the GV60’s turn to receive this title from our team. And it’s well deserved, rest assured. In coupé style, it’s said to be shorter than the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6 with which it shares its E-GMP platform, but its wheelbase is identical to the second (2,900mm) and boot volume is almost the same (680 litres). against 690 liters). Some compromises are necessary, but it’s not dramatic.

Inspired by the Genesis Mint concept, the GV60 is primarily aimed at a young clientele who appreciate a special design and the latest technologies. Think of facial recognition for access to the passenger compartment, the fingerprint reader to start the vehicle (with the appropriate driver profile) and the ball that turns to discover the gear selector. The mix of digital displays and physical controls makes aesthetic and ergonomic sense. However, the many metallic-looking buttons create a contrast of styles and eras that will displease some, including yours truly.

1674649766 602 From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

In the driver’s seat, which combines comfort and support, we enjoy ample leg and head space (less, of course, if we sit in the back). With proper side vision, any view in the mirror is obstructed by the spoiler cutting the rear window. You have to get used to that. In addition, the reduced steering wheel creates a sporty vehicle feeling. And among the large buttons on it, the most interesting are the two circles at the base.

On the left you can easily switch between the different driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport), while the fluorescent green on the right activates the Boost function, exclusive to the Performance version tested. Just push it and hit the gas to increase power from 429 to 483 hp and torque from 446 to 516 lb-ft in 10 seconds. It’s great and a lot of fun for quick overtaking or even heading onto the freeway, but honestly, the sport mode already does more than the job. And we like the tighter steering that comes with it.

1674649767 318 From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

In terms of energy efficiency, the drive from Quebec to Trois-Rivières (shared between Highway 40 and Route 138) was far too short to give exact time, especially since we didn’t bother to take advantage of the fiery e-motorization. With mercury around freezing, our average was just over 25kWh/100km, while the GV60 Performance’s official rating is 23kWh/100km (with a range of 378km). More city driving would have made it possible to increase the use of regenerative braking, adjustable to four levels of intensity, the most aggressive of which allows for one-pedal driving.

Charging the battery from 10% to 80% via a 50kW fast terminal takes about an hour and a half. If you can find one with 350kW, the same process can be completed in 18 minutes – under optimal conditions, we agree – which is excellent.

1674649769 618 From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

G80 Electrified: The electric sedan that doesn’t look like it

The second part of the trip took place at the controls of an Electrified G80. Unlike the GV60, this one comes from a petrol model, in this case the G80, and its design is almost identical, save for the closed grille that houses the charging port (a handy spot, but one that gets dirty quicker on the road in winter). . The trunk is also smaller, the volume drops from 371 to 306 liters.

This Genesis aims to be the opposite of the Tesla Model S, emphasizing style, comfort and sophistication over technology and performance. It’s primarily a luxury sedan, but one with electric motors. Not everyone wants a Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-Benz EQS/EQE or Audi e-tron GT. Inside, the main changes are the display of the digital dashboard and some menus on the 14.5-inch central screen.

1674649770 189 From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

Like its combustion engine counterpart, the G80 Electrified prefers to dress comfortably. Its output is close to that of the V6 (365 hp vs. 375), except torque is much higher (516 lb-ft vs. 391) and immediate. Too bad, the increased weight to 2,325 kg offsets this gain when sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h and greatly reduces the heat in the corners. As for the ride, it’s pretty nice overall. However, when we got to Montreal, a passage on some damaged arteries revealed the limitations of the suspension. Comfort mode is essential, but we’ve seen better.

Finally, let’s mention that our Electrified G80 consumed 23.4 kWh/100km. A reasonable value under these circumstances, but above the official average of 21.7 kWh/100 km (range: 454 km). It also offers four-stage regenerative braking and single-pedal steering.

1674649772 872 From Quebec to Montreal in Genesis GV60

Photo: Genesis Motors Canada


Our journey from Quebec to Montreal aboard the first two Genesis electric models showed the seriousness of the Korean luxury brand. It performs well in terms of quality and the specs are competitive.

By the way, we haven’t talked about prices yet: $71,150 for the base model GV60 Advanced (or $79,150 for the Performance version) and $105,000 for the G80 Electrified. This includes not only freight and PDI, but also regular maintenance and in-home valet service for five years or 100,000 km, as well as warranty and roadside assistance. It can make a big difference in balance.

If you have a family or need more cargo space, the GV70 Electrified is ideal. Genesis Canada will open its booking book towards the end of winter. The Car Guide will of course be test driving this model in the coming months, so keep in touch.

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