From yoga teacher to company CEO the controversial story of

From yoga teacher to company CEO: the controversial story of Meghan Markle’s mother

Meghan Markle’s life took a 180 degree turn when Prince Harry walked into her life as she gave up her passion as an actress and married to become the Duchess of Sussex.

Although some media outlets indicate that he not only changed his everyday life, but also that of his mother, Doria Loyce Ragland, a 64-year-old woman of African American descent who married former cinematographer Thomas Wayne Markle in 1979, as published by Antena 3.

Many say that before getting married, Doria lived in the Crenshaw neighborhood, one of the most dangerous in Los Angeles. In addition, she has a degree in social work, has worked as a professional make-up artist and yoga teacher.

Controversy surrounding Meghan Markle’s mother

Mother and daughter have always been very close, and when Meghan became a princess, the press discovered that Doria had reinvented her whole life, going from yoga teacher to CEO of Loving Kindness, an adult care company. Seniors in Beverly Hills.

Although La Vanguardia assures that this professional promotion and change in his curriculum does not end there, as Prince Harry’s mother-in-law has also been appointed as the company’s finance director and secretary.

It is widely believed that Meghan Doria secured this position through her legal counsel, Rick Genow, who would have taken care of all the paperwork.

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Meghan Markle’s mother denies the rumours

According to Mujer Hoy, Doria has had a difficult time since Meghan became part of the British royal family, as she has been harassed by the press on numerous occasions.

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She has also denied claims about her, such as living in deprived neighborhoods, stressing that in reality she did not grow up in a humble family as her father had a steady job as an antiques dealer and her mother was an antiques nurse.

In this sense, Doria Ragland emphasized that this was misinformation of a pathological and even racist nature.


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