Gabriel comments on Bruno’s withdrawal from BBB 23: ‘Very deliberate’ Splash

The retreat of Bruno, who left BBB 23 (Globo) after pressing the exit button, was the subject of the participants at dawn in the Leader’s Room.

Gabriel Santana: “He was very aware of what he was doing.”

Fred Nicocio: “He left his suitcase packed”.

Gabriel Santana: “He said: ‘I’m leaving because I can’t find myself here. I can’t be myself’. I know you’ve been through it, Blackzão, but you’ve reached the level that hasn’t exceeded your limits.”

The actor ended:

He walked with his head held high, understood what he wanted, and did it. I’m sure it will be very well received out there. Gabriel Santana.

POLL UOL BBB 23: Do you think that with Bruno’s departure, a new participant should join?