Gabriel Santana on being single after BBB Im free and

Gabriel Santana on being single after BBB: ‘I’m free and bisexual, but I don’t kiss everyone’

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The actor kissed a lot on the reality show

In “BBB 23” actor Gabriel Santana kissed doctor Fred Nicácio and psychologist Sarah Aline; he asked biomedical doctor Paula and actress and singer Bruna Griphao for kisses, but he didn’t get them; and was almost forcefully kissed by the pharmacist Bruno. All this after proving to be bisexual for all of Brazil in his presentation speech to colleagues in custody. In front of the house at night he was caught kissing different mouths. But despite being single, the 23yearold from Rio de Janeiro claims he’s picky when it comes to staying with someone.

— As much as I’m very free and bisexual, I just like being around people I connect with. In general I talk, I understand the mood and whether the kiss makes sense or not. I don’t run around kissing everyone, no matter how often that happens Gabriel explains in an interview with EXTRA.

2 of 3 Gabriel Santana and Fred Nicácio kiss on “BBB 23” — Photo: Play TV Gabriel Santana and Fred Nicácio kiss on “BBB 23” — Photo: Play TV

By revealing his sexual orientation on the reality show, he says he’s been getting more messages from gay men on social media. But he doesn’t feel comfortable flirting virtually.

“I’m terrible at it.” I can’t flirt on Instagram, WhatsApp… I’m lazy. I’m more for human contact. do you wanna flirt with me Call me to a bar, let’s go out, let’s go to a park, to a party… the boy suggests.

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On the show, Gabriel also drew public attention to genderless fashion by wearing cropped clothing, a garment commonly related to women’s clothing. And he says that depending on the clothes, he attracts more looks from partners of one sex or the other. And don’t let it bother you.

— Flirting with men or women depends a lot on the environment I’m in, it’s very situational. In places with more straight people, women flirt with me more. But if I go to an LGBT party, I’m sure more men will look at me. One thing that upsets me is that when I wear cropped clothing, gay men come more, women are not interested. And it has nothing to do! When I’m getting ready to go out, I don’t think, “Today I want to kiss a man, so I’m going to wear a crop top.” As much as I deconstruct myself, it still has a lot to do with how society sees me, categorizes analyzes him identifying as a cisgender and bisexual male.

3 of 3 Gabriel Santana and Sarah Aline kissing on “BBB 23” — Photo: TV play Gabriel Santana and Sarah Aline kissing on “BBB 23” — Photo: TV play

Gabriel says he didn’t hide his sexuality before BBB 23. And that she actually embarrassed Bi because she thought it made sense at the moment, she wanted to show who she really is.

— But before that I had never hidden my bisexuality in my social circle, my family or the roles I attended. That was never an issue. That’s how I discovered myself in 2019 and since then, at every party I’ve gone to and felt attracted to a guy or girl, I haven’t fled being photographed or filmed kissing because it could end my career. I stayed with whoever it was and if anything were to leak out I would act naturally. Well, I didn’t get out of the closet on “BBB”, I was already out. It was only a matter of time before this came out. There on the program, it kind of made sense for me to raise that flag he points out.