Latvia the strongest prime ministers party after the election

Gady military specialist in tank deliveries to Ukraine

After weeks of discussions, Germany is now supplying tanks to Ukraine. Several other NATO countries are also joining in the deliveries. ZIB2 switches to military specialist Franz Stefan Gady.

without automatism

Tomorrow, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen will be sworn in again. In an interview with ORF2, Van der Bellen makes it clear that he would be unlikely to hire the FPÖ to form a government or install FPÖ chief Kickl as chancellor. Political scientist Kathrin Stainer-Hämmerle is also live in the studio.

Doskozil attacks medical association

The president of the conference of state governors, Hans-Peter Doskozil, attacks the medical association. Doskozil describes chamber officials as blockers – for example, in the case of vacant panel physician positions. The chamber must be de-energized. The medical association, in turn, accuses Doskozil of nationalization fantasies.

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