Galilea Montijo on the RBD scandal at the Premio Lo

Galilea Montijo on the RBD scandal at the Premio Lo Nuestro

Afterwards, a huge scandal broke out Christopher Uckerman And Christian Chavez from RBD They complained in a video on Instagram that they were not allowed to attend the Premio Lo Nuestro gala. The singers traveled to Miami for the awards show for which they were nominated and walked the magenta carpet, but were unable to enter the gala due to an alleged error in their tickets.

Social networks exploded with messages of support for RBD and the hashtag #JusticiaRBD emerged. Lili Estefan And Raul de Molina They commented on what happened at El gordo y la flaca (Univision), calling it a “mistake” and Univision apologizing.

“It is very important for our network to treat our guests with respect and make them feel at home. I hope something like this doesn’t happen again,” said Lili Estefan on her show. “We are taking the necessary measures so that something like this does not happen again… Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the work of great Latin music artists,” Raúl De Molina added.

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Now Galilea Montijoone of the presenters of Premio Lo Nuestro, explained what happened.

“[Son] Great guys, actually they won. It wasn't about the production of the awards, I think it was a matter of PR, that is, what I'm saying is that the tickets they brought were not the corresponding tickets they were nominated for. It seems that the table they had was on the other side and you already know that when you arrive they have different instructions, namely the people to seat you,” Montijo said on the Televisa program Hoy.

Mireya Acimiento/WireImage

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The Mexican presenter, who suffered a health crisis that almost prevented her from performing at the Premio Lo Nuestro, remembered this years ago Eugenio Derbez He also couldn't attend the awards ceremony.

“You remember that Eugenio Derbez arrived and someone didn't give him his ticket, they didn't let him pass either. They wouldn't let me in and me: “Miss, I need to change because now we’re going to do it.” [iniciar la grabación]“Well, yeah, but without your ID you can’t enter, and until the right person arrived to guide you through all the mazes, they wouldn’t let me in,” Montijo said. “But who am I? The RBDs have been nominated,” he concluded.