1676646030 Gareca explained how the Peruvian chocolate was revived in the

Gareca explained how the “Peruvian chocolate” was revived in the bicolor: "They told me: ‘Leave it to us’"

Gareca explained how the Peruvian chocolate was revived in the

Big confession! Former coach of the Peru team Ricardo Gareca said a player asked him to have them created and invented in attack.

Ricardo Gareca He was the coach who took the Peruvian team back to a World Cup after 36 years. He ‘Tiger’ He believed in the Inca footballer’s ability from the start and chose his typical game. After two trials with the bicolor, the Argentine strategist decided not to renew his relationship, ending a phase enjoyed by both parties.

While he continues to sound like the Ecuadorian team’s new DT, gareca provides interviews to Argentine and local media. In that sense, in his latest chat on ESPN, the Argentine revealed the constant conversation he had with Blanquirroja footballers.

The “Tiger” explained how its leaders told him that in the attack they would be responsible for the manufacture and invention of the famous “Peruvian chocolate”. “There was a moment in Peru where I caught myself and said, ‘How do you feel more comfortable having your own initiative or automating moves in attack?’ Paul Guerrero he was the singing voice back then and he said to me: ‘Let’s do the offensive part, let’s create.’ But I told them that the full-backs have to attack, I like that,” explained Gareca.

“You have creativity and initiative, but I have to see that that is reflected on the field. I have to see that the team generates goal situations, that they arrive and come about. Also, I told you, take care of it and let it be more tactical Order for me. When the ball was lost, the team had to have a tactical order because that’s when the problems start,” he said.

When would the 2026 playoffs begin?

According to information from the TyC sports journalist Gaston Edul, the qualifiers would start next September 2023. Although there is no official confirmation from Conmebol, it is speculated that it will be on that date and no longer in June as previously stated. South America will have six and a half places for the 2026 World Cup.