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Gareca throws a dart at Peruvian soccer: "They have no infrastructure, they have stayed in the time"

Gareca throws a dart at Peruvian soccer quotThey have no

The former coach of the Peruvian team was very critical of the level of training in the Inca territory and compared it to countries like Ecuador and Bolivia.

harsh comments. After several months of leaving the peruvian team, everything indicates that Ricardo Gareca’s future would lie in Ecuador. In the midst of negotiations with the northern country, the Argentine strategist was encouraged to comment on his work on Inca territory and was highly critical of the level of training in the lower divisions.

“Education has a lot to do with it. We’re talking about a sports policy that has a lot of spices. From the state, politicians, businessmen, leaders, footballers and yourself (journalists)… where you are instructed to grow and have more conviction. This policy often does not exist. In Peru, for example, no” He held the dialogue with El Marcador TV.

Similarly, the “Tigre” explained what it’s like to work in the lower tiers of Argentine clubs, noting that Peru is many years behind.

“Peru has no infrastructure, it has stayed with the times. In Argentina, clubs have primary and secondary education. They offer players education from childhood. In some cases, Vélez or River Plate offer tertiary education and they can make a career. That infrastructure has to do with training, it has to do with developing a footballer better,” he added.

On the other hand, the World Cup coach with the bicolor 2018 referred to the number of footballers who are exported to the continent and highlighted the work of Ecuador.

“Ecuador has made great progress. They have a large number of players abroad. Peru should have 50 players at the moment, the country with the fewest foreigners is Bolivia,” he concluded.

Ricardo Gareca and the negotiations with Ecuador

Ricardo Gareca spoke a few days ago about the status of the negotiations with Ecuador and stated that the matter was advanced.

“I am in talks with Ecuador. It is not finalized or finalized, they are just one step away from an agreement. I spoke to the President, I also spoke to Gustavo Alfaro and we are in talks. They have other alternatives but I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, I see it progressing,” he told ESPN.