The Pope prays for war refugees in Ukrainian and Russian

Gb: Russian losses in 3 months equals Soviet losses in Afghanistan in 9 years

The death toll among Russian troops in Ukraine in the first three months of the invasion of the country is similar to that of the then Soviet Union during its nine-year war in Afghanistan: British intelligence writes in its update on the situation in Ukraine in the Report published today by the Department of Defense on Twitter.

London does not estimate the number of soldiers dead, but points out that the “high mortality rate” was due to a number of factors, including limited air cover, a lack of flexibility and a leadership approach that reinforces mistakes and leads to repeated failures. And the losses in the Donbass offensive will continue to increase, he emphasizes.

The secret service concludes that this continuous increase in the number of dead in the ranks of the army could, in addition to the willingness to express this publicly, lead to growing dissatisfaction among the Russian population.



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