Georgina Rodriguez heats up with a deadly pose in a

Georgina Rodríguez heats up with a deadly pose in a black outfit

Georgina Rodríguez heats things up with dangerous posing without any externals (Instagram: @georginagio)

Georgina Rodríguez heats up with a dangerous pose without any externals | Instagram: @georginagio

One of the things that fans of the famous Georgina Rodríguez like the most is her natural beauty, which has earned her the spot as one of the most beautiful female athletes in the entire industry, since she managed to be one of them at only 28 years old according to reports of People magazine the most influential models of the year in Spain.

Part of what puts her in such a high position is the quality of the content she creates for the brands she works with, as she is an expert at stunning without too much production, always from her most feminine and most elegant side. This is the case of a famous photo session that his fans revived.

It’s a photo that won the hearts of the public just by posing with a black bedding that became the central and unique part of this series of images. in said photo, Georgina Rodriguez She looked absolutely charming as she was the center of attention.

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Although the postcard dates back a few years, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife still touches minds and hearts with her talent to conquer even through a screen, because to this day she is shared on fan profiles on social networks, especially Instagram it has a more active community .

Georgina Rodríguez heats up with a dangerous pose without any externals. Source: Instagram


In the last few days, the celebrity of Argentinian origin gave something to talk about thanks to the announcement of the second season of the Netflix series Soy Georgina, in which she will share a more intimate look at the events of her life over the past year. Well, he’s been through difficult times with his family.

Among the least discussed and most shocking is the loss of one of her twins at birth, this after a series of complications that led her to this unfortunate encounter with misfortune. Despite the seriousness of the situation, the celebrity didn’t talk much about it on her social media.

As such, fans are hoping to learn more details about his grieving and recovery process. The changes of residence made this year also arouse particular curiosity in view of the latest rumours, which for unknown reasons point to another one next year.

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