German Farmers Association announces new protests SNat Salzburger

German Farmers Association announces new protests | Salzburger

The president of the German Farmers Association (DBV), Joachim Rukwied, announced new farmer protests across the country. “We will continue to fight for a suitable solution for agricultural diesel,” Rukwied said again on Sunday in the “Rheinische Post” against the government's planned gradual subsidy cuts. “That’s why there will continue to be campaigns across the country,” he continued.

Rukwied highlighted that the budget laws for 2024, which contain the cut, have not yet been definitively approved by the Bundestag. “The same applies to the budget and any other law: only when everything has been negotiated until the end can it be negotiated”, said the president of the association. Regarding the coalition's offers to help farmers elsewhere, for example with help for stable conversions, Rukwied said: “We also have to talk about other topics, but that has to happen later.”

Farmers across the country have demonstrated against the cuts in recent weeks. The government then decided against the planned abolition of vehicle tax benefits for agricultural businesses and prolonged the cuts in agricultural diesel over time.