1664814373 Gf Vip 7 Anti Bullying Sponsors by Marco Bellavia

Gf Vip 7: Anti Bullying Sponsors by Marco Bellavia

To condemn the behavior of the tenants of the Cinecittà house, many former Gieffini and Anna Pettinelli also condemn: “We should throw them all out”.

Published on: October 3, 2022 11:03Gf VIP 7 Marco Bellavia

Source: Instagram @bellaviamarco

Big Brother Vip 7’s exit Marco Bellavia has literally become one media case, and the storm broke out in the net. Thousands are thundering against reality TV and its competitors for having it bullied the current ex-Gieffino, who had declared at the Cinecittà house that he was going through a moment of great difficulty, asking his roommates for help on several occasions.

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But apparently, not only was Bellavia not heard, but also her discomfort mocked to the point of making the man even more uncomfortable and forcing him to make the decision leaving the Show. Of the editorial staff of the program have not yet arrived Comments, Yes, really rumor chasing each other on the internet, it seems, during the bet on Monday 3 October there may also be one flash televoting, letting the public decide who should leave the program after this decidedly not pretty site.

In addition to solidarity That the former face of Bim Bum Bam coming out of the public eye on social media, even two of the sponsor by Gf Vip 7 have publicly distanced themselves from the behavior of the company’s competitors. friend chips, for example with a notice on its official site Instagram, clarified his position:

Amica Chips has always been synonymous with friendship, sharing and inclusion. Our intention has always been to unite and not separate, to cheer and brighten the moments, not to burden them. We distance ourselves of course from what happens in the house of Gf Vip, we distance ourselves from the people who allow and support these behaviors, which we do NOT do as sponsors of the program, but neither advocates nor supporters of what the protagonists do and say.

The company also confirms this toA, the machine for making ice cream:

The company TooA is dismayed by what happened and, through its lawyers, has already sent an official communication to Mediaset in which it takes a clear position on the actions that do not correspond to the values ​​​​expressed by TooA, which are included in the framework of the program took place. . TooA considers the behavior of Big Brother Vip house competitors to be unacceptable and harmful. TooA is and always will be for inclusion and defending the rights of the most vulnerable.

Many also i characters of World of show who thundered against the Gieffini of this seventh edition, all united in denouncing their behavior as tyrants. Some are just former reality contestants: there Jessica Selassie, to Tommaso Zorzi, go through Maria Teresa Ruta, Miriana Trevisan, and Veronica Satti and Stephanie Orlando.

And Complaint also joined Anna Pettinelli. The radio host dedicated a post Instagram to the story that overwhelms Marco Bellavia, judged the behavior of competitors who mocked him and hoped that they would be disqualified:

How many have I heard of this unworthy story. Everyone has an opinion, but no one really knows exactly what depression is and how to treat it, especially under the cameras. Full support for Marco Bellavia and full condemnation for all or almost all members of the Big Brother Vip house. We need an exemplary measure, which one specifically? Unfortunately, none of the hypotheses put forward will come true. We should kick them all out, completely replace the cast, stop production, start over with new people. Impossible. TV logic cannot be stopped: sponsors, programming, advertising planning, etc. etc. It would certainly be nice. Do you think what a crazy lesson it would be if it was possible to stop everything, say “you’re me*de” and then all go home, no visibility, plunged back into your sad anonymity. But it will not happen and unfortunately everything will be forgotten.

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