Gf Vip 7 Nikitas Doubts on Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella

Gf Vip 7, Nikitas Doubts on Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi

Moment of reflection for some competitors of the Big brother VIP. Nikita Pelizon and Christina Quaranta in the beauty area, they exchanged views on some of the tenants of the Cinecittà building. Especially the two Vippone focused on Antonella Fiordelisi. In the last few days, the influencer has come close Edward Donnamariawho admits he feels jealous of Forum’s face.

Nikita However, as confided to the former tissue of Striscia la Notia, he has doubts about the real interest Antonella Fiordelisi opposite to Edward:

Antonella in my opinion the story with Edward it’s a dynamic. I don’t think she really cares. to Antonella doesn’t care Edward. When they played volleyball Antonella he says “everybody has their own strategy” but i don’t think they care if they get out of here. Then there is always the benefit of the doubt.

there Pelizon he then said that if she had only wanted to, she too could have developed strategies:

The dynamism with which I could have created Daniele. Daniele As soon as he entered the house, he always tried to be near me, to talk to me. But I do not like. He’s a handsome boy, but… I don’t like him.

The former Beijing Express competitor then told Quaranta that he didn’t go along with it Sara Manfuso, who would not speak to her after the nomination. A dislike that seems mutual, considering what happened yesterday.

there Manfuso, Elenoire Ferruzzi and Giele De Dona they have indeed made irony about it Pelizon, even claims that it brings bad luck. Statements that people on the internet didn’t like and that created new public dissatisfaction after what happened Marco Bellavia.