GF Vip A Vippona asked me for an abortion the

GF Vip, “A Vippona asked me for an abortion”: the troubling revelations of Vittoria Deganello

Two months have passed since then Nicole Murgia entered the house of “Big Brother VIP”. The Murgia has landed in the center of gossip lately Victoria Deganello, who is now expecting a child from his brother Alessandro Murgia. The two had a brief history this summer until the footballer would not have escaped after it became known pregnancy of the influencer. Nicole hasn’t talked about it on TV yet Brother’s complicated situation and has embarked on a purely personal path, unaffected by external dynamics. On the other hand, the face of the “UeD” has come onto the market several times comes across the ex-sister-in-law. Last January, he said he couldn’t watch the reality show this year because it was filled with “a general ignorance that makes me ashamed of people.” Obviously, many assumed he was referring to the actress. Also, Vittoria just made some in the last few hours sensational new statements over the Murgia.

Pressed by followers’ questions, Deganello answered one of her followers who asked her what she thought of it outbreak (fake in his opinion) that Nicole had in the most spied on house in Italy. The mother-to-be replied in writing that she agreed with the impressions of her followers and added a amazing details. In fact, she confessed that she was invited to cancel directly from the ex-sister-in-law. “What woman and mother would ever dare deny life?!!” the influencer wrote. In recent months, Vittoria has revealed that someone asked her to terminate the pregnancy, but she did not name names. Well, to date, the former suitor has never been silent and he bluntly accused the gieffina.

The former suitor is facing this pregnancy alone and like the other members has stated that Footballer’s family von Spal they would not have helped her in any way. Through all of this, Alessandro remains silent and has not commented on the situation. On the other hand, the only testimony from Nicole Murgia is from last October. Overwhelmed by messages on Instagram, Vippona had argued whether she should speak Buildings would collapse. In short, keep it up the yellow surrounding this sad story.

In any case, it must be specified that it is not known whether these statements are true. The actress is currently he cannot answer to his brother’s ex-girlfriend to tell his version of events. Who knows whether Alfonso Signorini will inform Nicole of the allegations against her or prefer not to deal with this sensitive issue.