GF Vip George Ciupilan furious with a Gieffino es

GF Vip, George Ciupilan furious with a Gieffino: ” e’s the wrong friend”. Hard air that attacked

George Ciupilan was one of the most popular contestants of the seventh edition of “Big Brother VIP”. During his journey, he let himself go by sharing his story and difficult childhood after his parents’ separation. The young Tiktoker was distinguished by his Training and friendliness. However, he has also been criticized for not participating in the dynamics of the house and has repeatedly been accused of fear expose themselves. His adventure ended on January 31 when he lost the televoting to Nikita Pelizon and Oriana Marzoli. Since then, he hasn’t had much of a presence on social media and has posted very few photos or stories. In the last few hours, however, the former Gieffino has broken the silence and he struck unexpectedly against one of his former roommates.

During his stay in the Casa, the face of “Il Collegio” was repeatedly taken over for him taciturn character, which also earned him a remarkable series of nominations. Edward Tavassiknown for his sharp irony, he has teased him repeatedly because of this nature of his. And just in the last few days, the “showman” would have returned to talk about it unconvincing way of the influencer. However, the speech was not appreciated at all by Ciupian. Speaking of which, today, February 19th he finally decided to answer on Vippone’s statements in an Instagram story:

I’ve seen a few clips from GF Vip and I’ve been laughing about it lately. When I choose to live the experience my own way, with my own rules, I am misunderstood and defined as voiceless. And I want to say that they didn’t understand me: I have a voice, I observe a lot and I’m constantly changing. In this case, it seems to poke fun at the fact that I’m stupid, touching the tip of the iceberg to get people talking.

George then pointed his finger directly at it Edoardo Tavassi, reveal what she really thinks of him. The tiktoker didn’t hold back and used harsh words to ‘expose‘ the former castaway:

I refer to Edoardo Tavassi: a strategist, a false friend and also a false popular figure. I think people have already figured that out.

Well, the 20-year-old has launched quite a few very heavy loads against the one Attilio Romita defined as the “bandleader” of the group, renamed by fans of the “Spartans”. Who knows if Alfonso Signorini will decide to show Tavassi the videos in question and if he will be there a comparison between the two on Monday 20 February’s episode. To be honest, the hypothesis seems very plausible. However, the question remains as to why George Ciupilan decided to do so just expose yourself now and did not criticize Edoardo in this way while he was still at the Casa.