Giaele De Dona teases Andrea Maestrelli If you have to

Giaele De Donà teases Andrea Maestrelli: “If you have to explain yourself…”

Jael de Dona did any of the newcomers to the Casa del Gf Vip bet? let’s talk about Andrea Maestrelliwho, after realizing Vippona’s special closeness, asked Vippona not to ask him “awkward questions” in a confidential moment.

“I did it to you,” the contestant continued, before explaining herself better:

I wanted to tell you to give me an analysis to tell me what you think of me after knowing me for a month. It’s not uncomfortable, why should it?

For Andrew turned out to be an awkward question, so much so that he preferred to highlight all the negative sides jael:

It’s uncomfortable… why do you have to ask me uncomfortable questions? Okay, let’s start with the negatives. I think you’re a bit of a mother-in-law who likes to gossip with your girlfriends, a bit like all women. A little touchy. Because you know you are. Come on. A little bit. I take your egocentricity with a grain of salt, partly because I am too. Now it’s up to you.

master She forwarded the question to her fellow adventurer, who instead paid many compliments:

You said you didn’t want any awkward questions, and now you’re asking me. Good. I think you are a very shy boy. In some cases you are very shy. Fine, extreme. Obviously you’re not bad. I would trust a person like you without hesitation.

You don’t strike me as someone who climbs on straws. And if I tell you one thing, I know it will remain guarded. You are very mature for your age. The disadvantage? You are very reserved about some things. You are very reserved. That you hold back Maybe it’s a bit of context.

“Partly yes. But for context. But I’m telling you, to this day there isn’t a girl I would do a story with. Not in here. I like to get hugs, I like to joke…” the competitor replied shyly to whom jael he clearly indicated his interest. The two had gotten close while playing the bottle, give each other a passionate kiss. The influencer reminded him it could be his last week in the house as she is in the nomination. So he asked him to get in touch:

Only you never give them to me. If you need to get out, which I know you’re going to do, you’d better do it now, don’t wait too many days… then you might not see me, it could be the last week.

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