Gianni Morandi or Sangiovanni Short circuit between the generations in

Gianni Morandi or Sangiovanni? Short circuit between the generations in the remake of “Fatti send dalla mamma” The Video

Ninety-eight years (in two) and they don’t feel. After the duet in Sanremo 2023, 20-year-old Sangiovanni and 78-year-old Gianni Morandi have released the video of the new version of the historical song Fatti mandare dalla mamma, celebrated this year 60 years. And the title is Make Mom Send You Back for Milk. Produced by Shablothe new version 2.0 it was released on February 7th on all digital platforms and was interpreted directly by the two artists on the Ariston stage on February 9th. Today, February 17, the video of the song that sees – by the direction of Leander Emed – the exact reconstruction of the choreography of that time, but also interpreted by the singer symbol of Generation Z. Strictly in contemporary clothing and optics.

The ironic exchange

At the end of the video there is also a reference to the ironic exchange that took place between the two artists on the Sanremo stage. “Leave this dinosaur alone,” says Sangiovanni at the end. “But which dinosaur? A little respect,” Morandi replies. The song Fatti manda dalla mamma, written by Luis Enriquez Bacalov and Franco Migliacci, was published for the first time at the end 1962. The 20-year-old artist has become a star among youngsters in particular over the past 3 years after triumphing in the singing category In 2021 he took second place at the Amici finals. In just two years he has surpassed 500 million streams, 39 Certifications between platinum and gold and beyond 100 thousand Live participation only from May to October 2022. While the historic singer-songwriter who accompanied Amadeus to the festival now focuses on the tour, which will arrive in the main sports halls of Italy from March.

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