Ginevra Lamborghini the betrayal shocked everyone she announced it on

Ginevra Lamborghini, the “betrayal” shocked everyone: she announced it on social media in such a way that she really wanted to cause harm

Ginevra Lamborghini in the studio of the Tale e Quale show – Source Ansa Photo – autoruote4x4.comGinevra Lamborghini in the studio of the Tale e Quale show – Source Ansa Photo –

The influencer, nephew of the Lamborghini founder, caused a stir by publishing the photo of his new love. In fact, fans didn't take it well at all and accused young Ginevra of treason, but what is the truth behind her much-discussed decision that is on everyone's lips today?

Her name is one of the most famous showgirls and influencers of recent years. Ginevra Lamborghini is the sister of the singer and presenter Elettra, even if their relationship is now cold and non-existent after a few arguments, the causes of which were never really understood. Both are Grandson of Ferruccio Lamborghinithe man who founded the eponymous car company in 1963, which is now a symbol of luxury and power.

Today Ginevra counts Lamborghini on her Instagram profile 291,000 followers, who love to follow his daily and television events. After graduating in marketing and releasing his first songs, he joined the cast of in September 2022 seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. An experience that ended badly given the girl she was expelled after two weeks after the so-called “Marco Bellavia case”.

Since then, Ginevra Lamborghini has made amends for her inappropriate comments (which were the reason for her exclusion from the reality show). She was one of the protagonists of This and that showimitates established pop stars like Annalisa, Elodie and Dua Lipa.

Ginevra Lamborghini and the accusation of high treason, that's what happened

There has always been a lot of talk about Ginevra Lamborghini's love stories on social media. For example, the special friendship with the hairdresser (and Belen Rodriguez's ex) caused discussions. Antonino Spinalbesealso a competitor on Big Brother VIP, while in 2023 she announced that she was engaged to the young man from Bologna Edoardo Casella.

Now a really serious accusation has been made against Ginevra Lamborghini. As a matter of fact, Many accuse her of treason for a photo recently posted on his social profiles. Sure enough, she appeared next to one Audi Q3 and many have asked themselves why she, of all people, bought a different car than the family business.

An example of an Audi Q3 – Source – Autoruote4x4.comAn example of the Audi Q3 – source –

How much does the Audi Q3 cost, like the Geneva Lamborghini?

Ginevra Lamborghini's decision to drive an Audi surprised everyone because she, who could afford a magnificent car like the one owned by the family business, chose a German car.

The choice of the young influencer is certainly by no means a given. Let's actually talk about it An incredible car equipped with many important options. The price It starts at a base of 38,000 eurosbut with the right supplements, even 70,000 can be reached.

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