1708024704 Ginny39s predictions character by character

Ginny's predictions character by character

updated February 15, 2024 8:02 p.m

The horoscope for tomorrow, Friday, February 16, 2024, and the sign-by-sign predictions for love, work and luck: This is what the stars have in store for us. Pay attention to emotions, feelings and statements: we must be prepared for anything. Pluto and Venus are conjunct the most independent sign there is: Aquarius! The lucky sign is Virgo and the unlucky sign is Scorpio.

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In tomorrow's horoscopeOn Friday, February 16, 2024, there is still a very feminine and warm Moon in Taurus, but it will become a Moon in Gemini at 9 p.m., as we also mentally prepare for the weekend ahead. Meanwhile, Venus in Aquarius remains conjunct Pluto, which shouldn't reassure us: big passions but also big egos in sight! The Lucky sign is the virgin and the Signs of bad luck Scorpio.


Love: You're raging under the covers.
Work: You always have a microphone at hand to immediately become the protagonist.
Assets: You like to show it.
Advice of the day: Buy a professional microphone to start your podcast.
poll: 7 born presenter.


Love: You hold it like a stuffed animal when you go to sleep.
Work: You don't need a magnifying glass to have clarity.
Assets: You crave it like a piece of cake for breakfast.
Advice of the day: If you don't understand it well, you can always ask to repeat it.
poll 6 ½ not very careful.

The horoscope of the week from February 12th to 18th, 2024: Scorpio and Leo ask for a break


Love: impossible to contain.
Work: You are light years ahead of all your colleagues in the office.
Assets: suggests a refreshment break like the rest stop on the highway.
Advice of the day: Check the probability calculation.
poll Seven and a half possibilities.


Love: You long for long, romantic declarations of love.
Work: You know that you always have to do your best and you will be rewarded for that.
Assets: always present like the “Rossana” in grandma’s candy bowl.
Advice of the day: Choose an ambitious goal, such as a long open water swim, and start training.
poll 6+ with a desire for challenges.


Love: You couldn't win him over even with precious gifts.
Work: Try not to make life difficult for yourself.
Assets: Don't dance to the same music.
Advice of the day: If you think that standing still will give you a sign of fate, you are completely wrong.
poll 5 ½ a little dazed.


Love: It fills you with great satisfaction.
Work: You decorate everything pink like Barbie.
Assets: It arrives at your home on time like an Amazon package.
Advice of the day Finding the perfect balance doesn't have to be compulsive.
poll 7 ½ glossy.


Love: You definitely want to put it at your feet.
Work: Punish everyone who doesn't try hard enough.
Assets: softens your somewhat sharp tongue.
Advice of the day: new haircut and makeup.
poll 6 ½ with great determination.


Love: It's a bit too demanding.
Work: They manage to crash all the PCs in the office.
Assets: It's like opening a nice egg and finding no surprise.
Advice of the day: A day with your phone turned off can be rejuvenating.
poll 6 – be encouraged.


Love: You want it to be fun, otherwise you'll get bored.
Work: It's important to have the joke ready.
Assets: It's as much fun as an evening at the Zelig Theater.
Advice of the day: Evening with friends playing board games.
poll 7.5 hilarious.


Love: They celebrate it as the most important anniversaries.
Work: Everything is going great.
Assets: It flatters you like flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day.
Advice of the day: Go with the flow because you don't have to try too hard.
poll 7 + luck.


Love: Before you dive in headfirst, you want some certainties.
Work: The enthusiasm here is worth considering.
Assets: It is better not to put yourself completely in the hands of others.
Advice of the day: Learn to use GPT chat.
poll 7 – reflective.


Love: Reread old diaries with your love poems.
Work: Remind everyone of the importance of having a well-stocked archive.
Assets: always knows how to surprise you.
Advice of the day: Trip to the antique market.
poll 8 collectors.