Giorgio Armani39s yacht is a monster overshadowing cities with

Giorgio Armani's yacht is a monster, overshadowing cities with luxury and opulence | What did he create… 0 100

Yacht designed by Giorgio ArmaniYacht designed by Giorgio Armani

If you haven't seen Giorgio Armani's yacht yet, prepare for something extraordinary, she is a monster of luxury and opulence.

Giorgio Armani has expanded the branches of the fashion world to the sea, taking care of the creation of his own style down to the last detail Stunning yacht. It wasn't just about that for the Milanese designer furnish the interior the yacht with his personal taste, but he also tried it Attention to design of the ship.

The first Mega yachts is named entirely after Giorgio Armani Admiral 72 and it is incredibly impressive in the middle of the water. It is actually the yacht 72 meters long and every single corner of its design and furnishings bears the signature of the great King George. The exterior style of this crazy and incredible yacht is heavily influenced by architecture.

The design is kind of a mix clear and geometric lines And others are softer and more supple. The interiors have been cared for down to the smallest detail and the rooms have been furnished with furniture muted colors which merge into one another completely harmoniously. The environments are like that broad, gigantic And ventilate that they can accommodate over 600 people at the same time.

There are many materials that Armani has chosen to highlight a yacht of this size and scale valuable and wanted. Among these we find the Marble and thatonyxThe natural teak of the ship, d Silk covers and among the many varnishes also one of a pale and soft gold.

Admiral 72, King George's yacht

Obviously, such a gigantic ship is not only beautiful to look at, but also beautiful functional And secure. Giorgio wanted beauty, safety and functionality to go hand in hand. I personally take care of every single detail in terms of design and furnishings so that these elements coexist.

In addition to the furniture and materials chosen, thelighting plays a fundamental role in the final creation of this crazy 72 meter long yacht. The ambient lighting is warm and invitingbut you can enjoy that too natural light Thanks to Floor-to-ceiling windows which form an open and closed area at the rear.

Crazy exterior and interior of this gigantic yachtCrazy exterior and interior of this gigantic yacht

Advanced technology for style

Giorgio Armani's yacht is not only impressive from an aesthetic perspective, but also crazy from a functional perspective. For a creepy optical effect one was used Sophisticated technology what it allows you to do Slide the floor-to-ceiling windows onto invisible frames what she does as needed disappear.

The interior style is therefore characterized not only by the amazing choice of furniture and colors, but also by the mastery of using light (both natural and ambient) to transform the interior environment. The Admiral 72 yacht is a real style monster outlined by furniture, architecture, design and lights that only a stylist of Giorgio Armani's caliber could create.

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