Giorgio Locatelli slap in the face of Barbieri and Cannavacciuolo

Giorgio Locatelli, slap in the face of Barbieri and Cannavacciuolo: he had no mercy for them iFood

Giorgio Locatelli Michelin starsGiorgio Locatelli, Barbieri and Cannavacciuolo –

Giorgio Locatelli achieved world fame thanks to his talent, surpassing colleagues such as Barbieri and Cannavacciuolo.

Giorgio Locatelli, famous Italian chef and star of MasterChef, has been able to conquer the culinary world with his dishes not only in Italy but also abroad, especially in London Locanda Locatelli.

Be Cuisine that combines tradition and innovationhas enabled him to receive prestigious awards, including the coveted Michelin stars.

Locatelli stands out for having been one of the first Italian chefs to set a record notable in the international gastronomic panorama.

The awards he has received make him enviable himself Masterchef co-jurors Bruno Barbieri and Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

Giorgio Locatelli: That's why he is considered one of the best Italian chefs abroad

Giorgio Locatelli began his culinary career in Italy, but his move to London marked a turning point. In 2002 he opened Locanda Locatelli, a restaurant that quickly gained attention for its excellent Italian cuisine. Just a year after opening In 2003 Locatelli received his first Michelin staran achievement that cemented his reputation as one of the best Italian chefs abroad.

In 2019, he reached another important milestone by winning his second Michelin star. These successes not only demonstrate his culinary skills, but also his ability to innovate without losing his roots in Italian tradition. His cuisine has even caught the attention of personalities like this one King Charles III and Camilla Parker Bowleswere the guests of his restaurant.

Giorgio Locatelli Michelin starsGiorgio Locatelli –

Giorgio Locatelli: Added value in the kitchen of MasterChef Italia

Locatelli has always aimed to elevate Italian cuisine beyond stereotypes and to offer a level of sophistication and innovation not previously associated with Italian cuisine abroad. His culinary philosophy is based on using high quality ingredients and highlighting authentic flavors, with an eye always focused on innovation. This approach has allowed him to stand out in the competitive restaurant landscape and has earned him the respect and admiration of both the public and critics.

His presence in programs such as MasterChef Italia has further strengthened his image and allowed him to share his passion and knowledge with a wider audience. Especially on Masterchef he had the opportunity to work with colleagues who didn't have the same recognition as him: Compared to Barbieri and Cannavacciuolo, Locatelli, as we have seen, was actually the first Italian chef Earn and keep a Michelin star abroad.

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