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Giovanna Civitillo and Amadeus are running after Sanremo: they have already packed their bags IT

We will meet again soon Amadeus on the Ariston stage for the most famous singing event in Italy. Viewers currently have the opportunity to follow him every evening with the television program Affari Tui. Everyone agrees that it is one of the best presenters todayTherefore, it is not surprising that he is riding the wave of success and will continue to do so in the future.

When it comes to his love life, he has also sparked curiosity. Before the meeting Giovanna Civitillo was married to Marisa DiMartino who took it, father of Alice Sebastiani. Galeotto was the host of the TV quiz “L'Eredità”, while Giovanna was the star dancer known for the “Moment of Shock”.

At first she was hesitant to accept an invitation from Amadeus, but twenty years have passed since that famous coffee and they are closer than ever. From their love, José Alberto Sebastiani was born. Years pass, but from their looks we can conclude that they love each other like it was the first day.

They are very active on Instagram as they constantly post couple photos. There is no shortage of likes and comments, a clear sign that they are very popular. According to reliable sources, it seems like they have it in mind to pack your bags, to switch off for a bit after another edition of the Sanremo Festival, hosted by Amadeus.

Amadeus runs away with his lover

Those who follow Domenica In still remember January 9, 2021 Mara Venier I had the opportunity to interview Giovanna and it was inevitable to talk about their first meeting: “It was a slow courtship… I couldn't wait to go to work because I needed to see him. My goal was to meet his gaze…He explained himself with a traffic ticket“.

Afterwards they went for a coffee and a love affair began that continues to this day and is the key to their happiness. Even if you have a busy schedule, They still manage to find time for themselves. It's no coincidence that they do this after the singing event of the year. Let's figure out what the goal will be.

Carnival in Putignano - Romait.itCarnival in Putignano – Romait.it

Amadeus will not miss a very famous event

This year he will have Amadeus at his side Marco MengoniSinger Georgiethe comedian Teresa Mannino, Lorella Cuccarini and the irreplaceable Fiorello. Together they introduce the 30 competing singers.

When the 2024 edition ends, they will go to Putignano for the 630th Carnival because Amadeus will be the guest of honor. The event is scheduled for Saturday, February 17th. Obviously he won't miss his life partner.

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