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Giovanna Civitillo, the reaction to the betrayal is disastrous: “Suitcase at the door” | Amadeus with his back to the wall

Giovanna Civitillo, the unexpected reaction to the terrible betrayal: “Suitcase at the door”. Amadeus has no chance.

The news was shocking the couple's numerous fans. Talk about terrible Treason. In fact, no one expected that the two would ever be able to discuss such a topic. And yet it happened. And the reaction of Showgirl and dancer she didn't wait long. Battagliara explained like never before: “Suitcase at the door”,

He, her famous husband, he was placed with his back against the wall. He who has just finished an Italian song festival that was nothing short of triumphant, and who certainly now, although he is thrilled the great success that was achieved, it will still be sad. In fact, he's done with it now the musical event that the whole world envies us.

He worked there for a very long time, covering the dual, complex and fascinating role Moderator and artistic director. He did it well five times in a row. Off now Sanremo he wants to take a break. If Rai offers it to him again in the future, he will definitely consider the offer.

Giovanna Civitillo, “Suitcase at the door”, her reaction to her husband’s betrayal

And during his last time on the prestigious stage of Ariston Theater Here he sits again in the front row, beautiful, elegant and radiant, his second wife. We're obviously talking about it Giovanna Civitillo who had decided to stay away from work to grow his son Jose. As he grew older, he began working again, particularly as a correspondent for various Rai programs.

And he, who he is 15 years oldHe sat next to her. Big music fan Like his famous father, he is already becoming a media face who is particularly appreciated by the very little ones. But now a cloud is gathering family peace. We repeat, we talk about it Treason. Giovanna doesn't compromise “Suitcase at the door”.

Civitillo talks about her husbandGiovanna Civitillo – tendediviaggio.it

The Showgirl's Confession

If you cheated on me, I would like to know. With much love and much sadness, I would pack your bags and leave them at your door“, he explained Civitillo during one of her visits to the divine together with her husband Paola Perego in his lecture The Red Thread. In short, she would not be willing to endure it in the slightest a betrayal.

Even the mythical Loves he thinks exactly like her. In any case, this doesn't concern them at all. Their love In fact, it travels well and she They are more united and more complicit than ever before. In short, her fans can sleep more than peacefully on comfortable and soft pillows while they may be waiting for something See them together on TV.

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