Giovanna Pitel wins Prova do Anjo at BBB 24 Find

Giovanna Pitel wins Prova do Anjo at BBB 24; Find out who's in the monster · TV

The Angel Test took place this Saturday afternoon (2) after the exclusion of Wanessa Camargo from BBB 24. Participants had to rely on luck to win the necklace, which would grant immunity to the winner of the dynamic and also to one of their chosen allies in forming the next wall. Track in real time.

Tadeu Schmidt spoke briefly to the participants about the dynamics and also discussed the disqualification of Zezé Di Camargo's daughter. “Wanessa is already on the way home, everything is fine, I spoke to her. She broke a rule of the game and we moved on,” he quickly explained.

The test was played in stages on a bus, with each of the prisoners having to choose a numbered lever. If they are authorized, they pull the handle. Those eliminated are given a cold water bath.

The order was determined by a draw, which did not include Ráculo Cardozo, Yasmin Brunet and Matteus Amaral.

See the order:

  • David
  • Mc Bin Laden
  • Beatrice Reis
  • Fernanda gang
  • Michel Nogueira
  • Giovanna Lima
  • Isabelle Nogueira
  • Leidy Elin
  • Giovanna Pitel
  • Alan Dias
  • Davi, Fernanda, Pitel, Leidy and Giovanna advance to the second phase, where they must find an ID card that allows them to open a door that allows access to an office. Only three reach the final stage.

    Giovanna, Pitel and Leidy defeated their rivals and were asked to run on a treadmill while throwing rings into deodorant tubes. The angel's necklace would go to whoever scored the most points.

    How was the angel test today?

    Giovanna was the first to get on the treadmill, but only hit one of the deodorant bottles. She scored ten points. Leidy fared better, with four rings giving him 25 points. However, Pitel showed the best performance and won the angel chain.

    Punishment of the monster

    Pitel chose Matteus and MC Bin Laden as the monster of the week, in which they will dress up as a phoenix and a unicorn. Whenever the music plays, they must come together to protect a magical portal in the show's garden from intruders. Each penalized person loses 300 bets.

    Angel's lunch

    Tadeu also asked Pitel to decide who would accompany him to the Angel's Lunch. She called Fernanda, Lucas and Michel.