Giovanni Allevi gives in to despair broken bones from myeloma

Giovanni Allevi gives in to despair: broken bones from myeloma, "What’s the point of the fight?" Virgil News

John Allevi, In the last few hours, he has returned to update his social audience illness against which he fights, namely a multiple myeloma who was diagnosed last June.

Since discovering the pathology, the 53-year-old composer has recounted all the stages of his journey. He was the protagonist of an outburst recently that oozed a sense of discouragement.

Giovanni Allevi: “I’m not feeling well”

“Myeloma left me with broken bones in various parts of my body. And then I wonder what it means to fight,” wondered the musician, adding, “I’m not fine.”

After months of therapy, Allevi also emphasized, again via social media, that he was tired and quite busy: “How am I doing? Many of you ask me. Not good, it may be the most difficult time of my life. But the therapies are doing their job. Thank you all for the tokens of affection.”

relief and physical suffering

The suffering seems to have taken over. The composer therefore indulged in a moment of despondency: “Myeloma has left me broken bones in various parts of the body, particularly the vertebrae, some of which are inoperable and may remain sore forever. And then I ask myself what it means to fight.”

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Allevi cannot play, but does not give up music

Although Allevi can’t play at the moment, he hasn’t stopped thinking about music. In fact, it’s always in his head: “Now my hands are shaking from the drugs, but a new music is rushing into my head and I don’t miss a note. Sometimes sweet, sometimes crazy and incomprehensible, dreamy and thoughtful, metaphysical. I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

And indeed, his career does not stop. A few days ago, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, “Love Collection – Special Edition” was released, an album containing his most famous love songs.

Photo source: ANSA