Giovanni Allevi the video dedicated to the nurses who treat

Giovanni Allevi, the video dedicated to the nurses who treat him for his myeloma: “You saved me”

It was honoring day Giovanni Allevi for nurses, but also the possibility to ask for an increase in their numbers and their salaries, which are among the lowest in Europe. There International Nurses DayAt the event celebrated today, the composer, who is being treated for myeloma at the National Cancer Institute (Int) in Milan, offered his “sincere thanks” to the category. “Nurses,” he says in a video on Facebook, are the ones who spend most of their time in contact with us patients during their hospital stay. They are fulfilling an authentic mission, bringing medicine, alleviating suffering and sharing a word of hope.”

What Allevi said in the video

A recognition for a profession that is underrepresented compared to the need – according to Fnopi, the association of nurses, another 65,000 would be needed in Italy – and underpaid. In this regard, Health Minister Orazio Schillaci assured that he has “embarked on a path that will continue towards improving working conditions: more security, more rewards, more opportunities for professional development within the National Health Service”.

Allevis was a real tribute to the profession

“I came to you without direction, afraid that my life was hanging in the balance after discovering that unfortunately my body is not eternal,” he explains in a video addressing the nurses, ” but you received me lovingly.” And when asked if he was aware that he saved his life, Allevi replied: “Only a small part,” Allevi replied: “This small part together with the others saves your life.” “So the step was short,” adds the composer, “even those who cleaned the floor or made the bed or asked what I wanted for lunch or dinner saved your life.” “Know,” he agrees concluded that “a word of hope and a smile are as strong as a drug.”

Allevi’s tribute to nurses

The tribute to Allevi’s profession does not hide the problems of the category, relaunched precisely on the occasion of Nurses’ Day. According to the Fnopi, Italy lacks 65,000 nurses, of whom at least 20,000 are family and community nurses, required by the standards set by the Pnrr for the reorganization of territorial healthcare. But they are also lacking in hospitals, triage, nursing homes and hospices.” There are around 456,000 trained nurses, of whom over 280,300 are employed on permanent contracts. The paradox, according to the President of the Federation, Barbara Mangiacavalli, is that “in the last two years” the number of places available for the nursing degree has increased, but in some universities many have not been allocated. That’s because it’s an unattractive degree for a low-paying and very tiring job with few career opportunities.”

Nursind nurses’ union Antonella Rodigliano also takes a strong stance and still denounces various issues the profession faces, including precariousness, layoffs, low salaries, strenuous shifts and health and safety risks.

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