1664730077 Giovanni Ciacci after Marco Bellavias departure from GF VIP We

Giovanni Ciacci after Marco Bellavia’s departure from GF VIP: “We threw him off the wheels”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

After Marco Bellavia’s departure from GF VIP, who was dismissed due to anxiety problems and mental breakdowns, Giovanni Ciacci is still discussing: “We got rid of his cog”.

Giovanni Ciacci after Marco Bellavias departure from GF VIP We

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

The departure of Marco Bellavia of the Big Brother VIP the debate focused on the Canale 5 program. The now-former competitor repeatedly showed signs of slacking and mental breakdowns in the first – and last – days of living with his tenants, and although he had asked for help, he found no support from his companions in the house. After his exit, several VIPs made the mea culpa and apologized for the repeatedly expressed thoughts about him. Unlike these, however John Ciacci he doesn’t seem to have regretted it and commented in the last few hours: “We’ve already pulled our cogs from Marco**oni”.

Commentary by Giovanni Ciacci following the release of Marco Bellavia

As many ponder what happened to Marco Bellavia, Giovanni Ciacci ponders gaming strategies to prolong his stay in Big Brother’s VIP house, commenting to Patrizia Pellegrino and Charlie Gnocchi this morning: “We freed a Marco from his little wheel”. Words that have crowded out viewers on Twitter who are thinking about the now-former competitor’s delicate mental states. “Aim, aim, fire. If we’re going to survive, we have to do it like elephants or we’ll end up as mammoths,” continued the costume designer and columnist, finding support in Charlie and Patrizia.

The screams in front of the house: “You were bullied”

The public is now rising up against the VIP-GF, pointing the finger at all the competitors livening up the house and accusing them of the treatment reserved for their former partner. In addition to the messages of solidarity on Twitter for Marco Bellavia, someone went outside the Cinecittà house to personally yell at the competitors: “You bullied Marco, bitchy,” can be heard from inside the house. “But are you saying to me?” the answer from Geneva Lamborghinithen out into the garden with me Antonino spinal broom.

Marco Bellavia from the GF Vip, the former competitor: “Isolated from the pack, he had to be helped”