Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante the gesture that raises

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante, the gesture that raises hopes: what happened

There Hope she is the last to die. Yes, especially for those who are still hoping for a flashback between the influencers Julia Dellis and the DJ Andrew Damante. It’s been years since the two ended their story, but “never say never,” the couple’s fans point out.

And the gesture of the former admirer of men and womenThey, fans write on social media, could reignite hopes of a comeback as a couple.

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Julia Dellis she flew to United States participate in super bowl and over halfway through the show rihanna. The influencer shared a moment from the concert, specifically featuring the song “Remain‘, as fans well remember, is the song De Lellis dedicated to her Andrea during the last outside show of Maria De Filippi’s reality show, who acted as cupid for the couple, men and women.

“This song,” wrote the influencer on the video that drove the fans crazy. “Julia, what are you doing?”, “But what does that mean?”. These are some of the comments you can read on Twitter.

There are also rumors about the alleged couple crisis between influencer Giulia De Lellis and Karl Beretta. The two have been together for more than two years, but the relationship has been on the rocks in recent days. “The two are geographically far apart: he is actually in Verona, she is in Arizona for work. No photos together and no social exchanges for several weeks makes the couple’s fans even more alarmed,” wrote The pipol Gossip.

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