Giulia Salemi against the cast of Mare Fuori They pull

Giulia Salemi against the cast of Mare Fuori: “They pull through”. And a background about her and one of the actors appears

Julia Salem at the center of a media storm that sees her as a protagonist pour From sea ​​out. The influencer and social commentator of the Big Brother VIP during his radio show on “R101,” he made statements about the protagonists of popular fiction: statements that have not gone unnoticed by fans of the series.

In fact, Giulia Salemi had the opportunity to meet the young actors during the Sanremo week and, according to her, the cast showed a certain aura on the return trip to the airport Supposition.

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What happened

«In Sanremo I met the cast of Mare Fuori by plane. But even less. They think they are saving lives, but they manage to do it in a way…» Salemi begins to describe her experience. Then the dig: “You can do it with a 40-year career, not with a series behind you. Except for the girls, they were nice.”

The video quickly reached the hands of fans of the series, who began attacking the Italian-Persian host, accusing her of saying something lie. A short time later came an answer Jacob George – who plays Ciro Ricci in the series – who reshared the radio interview on his profile Instagram and wrote: “What can’t you do for a bit of hype…”. The story was removed shortly thereafter to avoid a “war” between fandoms. Too late though as it was screened on Twitter and shared among users.

But here’s the most sensational background: Most experts have found a recent footage of Giulia Salemi and Giacomo Giorgio in intimate shots as she gives the young actor a tender kiss on the cheek. So the two knew each other before they became well-known characters on the show, although the selfie doesn’t reveal if it was a simple friendship or if something else had actually existed between the two. That last point, however, would highlight the social dissent that has taken place over the past few hours.

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