Giulia Stabile destroyed Sangiovanni opened the taps after the

Giulia Stabile destroyed | Sangiovanni opened the taps after the breakup: "I freed myself from the pebbles" Travel trends

Giulia Stabile, destroyed by Sangiovanni's words: “I have freed myself from the pebbles.” Details below

Giulia Stabile is a young dancer who has won over everyone thanks to her talent. Born in Rome in 2002 and has Catalan origin because his mother is Spanish. She was introduced to the world of dance at a young age and music was in her blood.

He started attending school at the age of 3Buccellato Rossi Academy where he has the opportunity to perfect his technique and expressiveness during his performances. He will graduate from the Dance Institute in 2021. However, he made his small screen debut in 2014.

He had his first television experience on the show “I leave you a song” moderated by Antonella Clerici. The real success comes in 2020 when she passes the audition and becomes a student Friendsthe most famous talent show in Italy, hosted by Maria De Filippi.

On this occasion his talent immediately became so clear that he won it Talent victory. Giulia conquers the audience not only with her professionalism, but also with the kindness and modesty that she has always shown.

Giulia Stabile and the love story with Sangiovanni

Giulia Stabile has achieved many goals in the most sought-after school in Italy. After her victory, she appeared regularly on the talent show Amici as professional dancer. But that's not all, because during his journey he has found love for the singer-songwriter St. John.

Due to the Covid pandemic, the young students have been forced to live together since the start of the show and between the two teenagers Love emerged. The singer-songwriter managed to win the dancer's heart and they began a relationship. Ironically, Giulia and Sangiovanni found each other again fight for victory of friends, but this competition did not jeopardize their love. When the spotlight fades, the two teenagers continue their relationship by documenting their romantic moments on social media.

Giulia Stabile, destroyed by Sangiovanni's words

The love affair between Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni began in 2020 in the talent Amici di Maria De Filippi and lasted 3 years. In summer 2023 something changes in their relationship And even though they never spoke clearly on the subject, fans understood the breakup of their love. “What do I say to the fans who are worried about the fate of my story with Sangiovanni? All I can say is that he is and always will be first big love“Giulia admitted to the women's week Grazia.

However, Sangiovanni's words recalling the love story were difficult for the professional dancer from Amici to bear. The singer-songwriter will be a contestant from Sanremo 2024 and he told how the new song that he will bring to the Ariston stage was born: “This song was born last summer, I was in Los Angeles one evening, I wrote it between the candles with the lights off. I have decided Get rid of pebbles That didn't let me progress.

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