Gloria Maria dies in Rio ON OFF

Glória Maria dies in Rio ON OFF

Journalism lost one of its big names this Thursday (02): Gloria Maria, 73 years old. Despite the confirmation of death, the cause of death of the former Globo Repórter host has not yet been announced. Gloria, who was born in Rio de Janeiro, was being treated for a brain tumor. She leaves two daughters, Laura and Maria.

In a statement, TV Globo’s press office confirmed that Gloria had lung cancer: “The journalist Gloria Maria died this morning (Thursday 2nd). In 2019, Gloria was diagnosed with lung cancer, which was successfully treated with immunotherapy, and brain metastases, which were treated surgically. Initially also successful,” the statement began.

Then the text explains how the health problem developed: “In the middle of last year, the journalist started a new phase of treatment against new brain metastases, which unfortunately has not been effective for a few days. Gloria marked her career as one of the most talented professionals in Brazilian journalism, leaving Globo and its professionals with a legacy of achievement, example and pioneering spirit.”

Gloria was hospitalized at the CopaStar in Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone. The health department also sent a statement: “The CopaStar Hospital regrets the death of patient Gloria Maria this Thursday morning and extends its condolences to her family and friends for this irreparable loss. The hospital also advises that it does not have permission from the family to release any further details,” he said.

Recently renewed contract

This little column is already tired of saying that despite only having six readers, it has scattered many friends. Well then. This columnist writing to you found out that “TV Globo” has extended Gloria Maria’s contract for another four years. The presenter of the “Globo Repórter” who runs on Fridays will remain on the station until July 2026.

According to the little green birds in this column, Gloria Maria’s salary at Globo is currently around R$120,000 per month. The extension of the contract follows the journalist’s departure from the activities of “Globo Repórter”, where she runs the program together with Sandra Annenberg. The reason is that Glória is being treated for a lung tumor.

At the beginning of December, this column reported exclusively on the moderator’s situation. In a note, “TV Globo” spoke about the health of the employee, explaining that the forecast for his return to work is for the next year. “Gloria Maria has left Globo Repórter and is continuing a new phase of her treatment that was scheduled a few months ago. She is fine, at home and is not expected to return until next year,” the text reads.