GNT39s Chef Lucas Corazza is robbed and attacked at home

GNT's Chef Lucas Corazza is robbed and attacked at home

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02/16/2024 11:30

The chef Lucas Corazza was the victim of a violent robbery this Thursday the 15th. Host of “Que Seja Doce”, by GNThis house was raided and attacked by bandits.

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“Lucas' schedule will be disrupted for a few hours (or days). He's fine! Stay calm. However, he has gone through an aggressive situation and will retreat to recover,” the cooking team wrote on its social networks.

In the statement, the press office also reported that the robbers stole Lucas' cell phone with logged in accounts.

The chef later appeared in Stories and reassured his followers: “I'm physically fine, but I had a really bad night. I was at my house early in the morning drinking water and my front door opened. Two armed men entered. It was a very intense, scary night. This kind of violence is a huge invasion, an absurd thing. I haven't processed the feelings yet […] I don’t have a new phone yet, but I wanted to let everyone know I’ll be back soon.”

Story by Lucas CorazzaStory by Lucas Corazza (Source: Reproduction/Instagram)

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