Go in Faith Ben goes after Sol but the girl

Go in Faith: Ben goes after Sol, but the girl dumps her exboyfriend and doesn’t hide her grief: "Just kidding…


Having also been a victim of the accident that killed Carlão, the lawyer will do everything to help the family of the deceased

Photos: Reproduction/GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Globo

In the next chapters of walk in faithSol (Sheron Menezzes) will come face to face Ben (Samuel of Assisi), your past love. Determined to get Carlão’s family (Che Moais) to help, the lawyer appears at the door of the queen of the takeaways. However, the young lady will not like the news, especially since she visited him in her youth to clear up a story told by Theo (Emilio Dantas).

After Ben and Sol get back together, the mother of Jenifer (Bella Campos) and Duda (Manu Estevão) will ask her exboyfriend to leave. Even disappointed, the dancer will not hide her interest when she hears the defender say that he survived the same accident that killed Carlão.

> Photo: Reproduction/Globo

the husband of LumiarCarolina DieckmannHe will even ask the Christian to stop by his office. “I spoke to your husband. It was before the fire department arrived. He spoke closely about his family. He wanted me to look for you… Don’t you think it all means something? A sign? i am a lawyer We can check the insurance of the accident truck. I have already found all families. Come by the office tomorrow and I’ll explain,” he says.

Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso) will then join the conversation and promise that the two will stop by on site. Later the widow will confide in her friend. “This is the guy who said he loved me, made plans with me and then disappeared from my life,” the former funk artist says. “And you were the first to disappear. Your parents spotted your jumps and locked you in the house,” recalls Kate’s mother (Clara Moneke). “And he quickly forgot about me. I was just his joke, the little Playboy adventure,” the protagonist laments.

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