1668287068 Goals conceded How Quique Velez died in real life

Goals conceded: How Quique Vélez died in real life

The murder of Soccer player Andres Escobar It was some of the most shocking news of 1994, and several decades later the case became “goals against“, a row of Netflix which explores the brightest and darkest hours of Colombian football amid the war between the Medellín and Cali cartels. Developed by Dynamo, the program also explores the story of Quique Vélez, a fictional athlete whose traits and results are inspired by the disappeared Pipe Perez.

goals against‘ is a series of six chapters that quickly climbed to the liking of the Colombian public to explore through the eyes of the campus National Athletics of Medellinthe golden age of coffee football coinciding with an unusual increase in violence in the country.

In this interesting production you can see well-known stars such as Juan Pablo Urrego, Fernando Bocanegra, Patricia Tamayo, John Alex Castillo and Laura Archbold, among others, playing the family and friends of the well-known Colombian athlete.

But another name that stands out in this group is that of actor Brian Velez who plays Quique Veleza fictional character playing in it National Sports Club of Medellin.

But according to many characteristics found in “goals against‘ Quique Vélez would represent the missing footballer Pipe Perez.

Brian Vélez as Quique Vélez in Goals Against (Photo: Netflix)Brian Vélez as Quique Vélez in Goals Against (Photo: Netflix)


Philip Perez Urrea Born on the January 1, 1967 in Medellin (Colombia). For many years he was known as Pipe Pérez.

Pipe Perez He was an outstanding Colombian soccer player who defended the colors of the teams National Athletics Y Envigado football club.

In 1985, his great talent allowed him to become part of the Colombian U20 soccer team. In the same year he was summoned by the National Sports Club of Medellin and eight years later he would be part of the Envigado football club.

According to El Heraldo, Pipe Pérez had trouble with the law and was investigated by the National Police Search Block, which linked him to the Medellin cartel. The above media also states that authorities found camouflaged army uniforms and weapons such as pistols and shotguns at his home.

Because of this, his capture was ordered and he was arrested July 23, 1993 then be imprisoned in the La Modelo de Bogotá Prison.


The death of Pipe Perez it also shocked the whole world. And it is that after spending 3 years in prison, he regained his freedom, but the tragedy reached his family.

According to El Tiempo, in October 1996, A group of officers from the Procuratorate’s First Immediate Response Unit arrived at the Procuratorate’s premises Antioquia Red Cross for the removal of a body initially identified as NN.

The above media adds that between Calle 30 and Carrera 65A, a taxi driver picked up an injured man Fatima district and took him to a hospital for help; However, nothing could be done as he arrived with no vital signs.

El Heraldo states that the soccer player’s body sustained multiple gunshot wounds that caused his death.


the series of Netflix goals against‘ gives an account of some events that happened in real life, although there are certain moments that are fictional and vary a bit. An example of this is the death of the character Quique Velez whose days end after being stabbed to death by an inmate in a prison.


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In the Netflix series “goals against‘, Quique Vélez, played by actor Brian Vélez, is a Club Atlético Nacional de Medellín player trying to earn a spot on the starting team when Francisco Maturana takes over as technical director.

Per se, Quique Vélez is a fictional charactercreated to increase the drama in the story of Andres Escobar. However, due to its characteristics, it would be modeled after a footballer who actually played for “El Verde”. MORE DETAILS HERE


  • Original title: Goals Against
  • Year: 2022
  • Country Colombia
  • Director: Carlos Moreno, Oscar Ruiz Navia, Claudia Zie
  • Screenplay: Pablo González, Camilo Salazar Prince, Jacques Toulemonde, Carlos Moreno, Alonso Torres, Juan Sebastián Granados
  • Music: Felipe Linares
  • Photography: Juan Carlos Gil
  • Cast: Juan Pablo Urrego, Laura Archbold, Carlos Mariño, John Alex Castillo, Mauricio Pizarro, Brayan Arboleda, Patricia Tamayo, Pepe Cámara, Héctor Mejía, María Gaviria, Laura Osma, Gianina Arana, Álvaro García, Geovanni Marin Cardona, Rodrigo Celis, Julio Pachon
  • Producer: Dynamo Productions
  • Distribution: Netflix


After losing to United States of America, Colombia previously triumphed Swiss, but his chances of reaching the next stage were slim. Thereafter, Andres Escobarwho gave the North American team more chances with an own goal, told his father that he wanted to “appear” for his mistake.

According to El Clarin, it was his friend Juan Jairo Galeano who visited him and invited him to a nightclub to see him very sadly at his house for several days. This is how Andrés, together with his partner, his friend and another young woman, ended up in the nightclub called “El Indio” that is located there Medellin (Colombia). MORE DETAILS HERE


Andres Escobar He was at the El Indio restaurant in Medellín, along with some relatives and friends. While there, the footballer was mocked and insulted by fans for his mistake against USA at the World Cup. The drug dealers David and Santiago Gallón Henao sat at a table near Escobar and they joined in the insults against the footballer and even continued them outside the restaurant.

In the parking lot, the two narcos pounced on the player and the tension continued to mount. during the brawl, their driver, Humberto Muñoz Castro, approached him without a word and fired six shots into his head. This subject was sentenced to 43 years in prison, but the sentence was reduced to 23 years, although he did not serve that number of years and was released. Click here for details.


Pamela Cascardo witnessed the day her boyfriend Andrés Tovar was shot, although the ambulance arrived to take him to a hospital, ceasing to exist along the way. During a 2017 interview with the newspaper The Colombian from Medellin He tells how he dealt with this loss.

First, She is a dentist and after the departure of her future husband she dedicated herself completely to her profession. “After my duel, that was the hardest part, I started to work. Not just because I studied in my field and started a business,” he said. MORE DETAILS HERE.