Goffredo Cerza performs a hair transplant, Aurora Ramazzotti is a nurse

Photo Gallery – Goffredo Cerza performs a hair transplant, Aurora Ramazzotti is a nurse

Goffredo Cerza has undergone a hair transplant and Aurora Ramazzotti is acting as his nurse. The partner of Michelle Hunziker's daughter posted the pictures of the clinic where he had the operation, then of his return home and his girlfriend's treatment. Aurora had brought Goffredo a bouquet of wildflowers and then provided the necessary assistance in the living room of the house.


Hair transplant: who will help Goffredo Cerza, Aurora Ramazzotti's boyfriend? What is the name of the clinic? Gossip news Aurora Ramazzotti's boyfriend, Goffredo Cerza, who recently turned 28, has decided to have a hair transplant. He doesn't like to show off and prefers to keep a low profile: he shares photos of his vacation, his child and his partner on social media. However, this time he proudly published the pictures of his operation. Goffredo Cerza published a few stories mentioning the clinic he opened in Milan last year. This is the Insparya center, founded by Cristiano Ronaldo together with Portuguese coach Paulo Ramos. The price of a hair transplant is between 5,500 and 7,000 euros and the operation takes about 6 hours.

Goffredo Cerza, a foursome with Aurora Ramazzotti's mother and her partner The evening before the hair transplant, Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza, parents of little Cesare, were guests at Michelle Hunziker's birthday party. The Swiss presenter's daughter posted pictures of the set table and her place card next to grandmother Ineke's. And a few days earlier, the couple attended Jonathan Kakashian's 43rd birthday party. On that occasion, Goffredo and Aurora had joked as they returned home with Michelle Hunziker and Alessandro Carollo (at the same place Hunziker and Carollo had exchanged their first public kiss for the benefit of the paparazzo).

Who is Aurora Ramazzotti's future husband? What work do the parents of Michelle Hunziker's daughter's partner do? Goffredo Cerza is a young engineer originally from Rome. His parents are both professionals in the health sector: his mother, Francesca Romana Malato, is manager and general director of the specialized clinic LabAurelia, while his father, Fabio Cerza, is head of the orthopedics and traumatology department at the Castelli Hospital. Goffredo also has an older sister, Carolina, a biologist. Goffredo attended Marymount International School, a very prestigious private school in Rome, and then completed her degree in electrical engineering at the University of London.