Google Chrome These 3 new features based on artificial intelligence

Google Chrome: These 3 new features based on artificial intelligence will make our lives easier – Futura

Just over a year after ChatGPT launched, Google is starting to integrate its own artificial intelligence into Chrome. The company just announced three new features for Windows and macOS, two of which are already rolling out and the third will be announced next month.

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Google has just announced the integration of three new features in Chrome based on generative artificial intelligence. On the one hand, Google Chrome now integrates writing aids such as MicrosoftMicrosoft Copilot.

To use this feature, simply write a few words to specify the content of the text you want, then right-click on it and select “Help me write.” The browser uses artificial intelligence to rewrite the text, with the ability to choose the length and tone of the generated text. Writing support, announced next month, will be available for all text fields, whether forums, contact forms or replying to an ad. A similar feature, bearing the same name, was announced this summer for Gmail, Gmail on AndroidAndroid, and iOSiOS, but is still reserved for Google Workspace users.

Rearrange tabs and create topics

At the same time, Google announced two additional generative AI-based features that are now available in version 121 of Chrome. The first option lets you reorganize your tabs automatically by right-clicking on a tab (or using the drop-down menu to the left of the tab bar) and then selecting “Organize Similar Tabs.” Chrome will use AI to suggest groups based on the content of different pages opened.

Finally, the latter allows you to automatically generate new themes for Chrome, such as: B. the wallpapers present in Android 14 and Pixel 8. This functionality will be available in the side panel.

All of these new features require you to have previously enabled Experimental AI features in Chrome Settings. However, please note that these new features will initially only be available in the US…