Google Chrome will soon be integrated into several vehicles Numerous

Google Chrome will soon be integrated into several vehicles. Numerous applications on board vehicles are expected in the coming years. -Auto123

  • Google Chrome soon in your vehicles

Several models in the industry already integrate Google's connected services, but soon the Chrome browser will be available on the navigation system screen of certain vehicles.

This means that you can surf the Internet from this screen and not from that of your mobile phone.

Google announced this on Tuesday during the CES 2024 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The giant also took the opportunity to release several other news related to its Android operating system.

The Chrome browser will be available for the first time this week for certain Volvo and Polestar vehicles. More models will follow. More applications that can be used in vehicles were announced by Google at CES, but we'll see if it will be the same in Canada. One of them, for example, is The Weather Channel. We'll have to see if its Canadian counterparts, The Weather Network and Méteomédia in Quebec, will follow suit.

The ability to use the Google Chrome browser in your vehicle will undoubtedly make life easier for users. In particular, it will be possible to send a route directly to your vehicle from your phone. Note that those using Android Auto are already doing much the same thing.

Among other things, we note that electric vehicle owners will soon be able to share real-time information about remaining battery life with Google Maps. The vehicle can then provide energy level estimates upon arrival or even suggest places to stop and charge.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightning will be the first models to benefit in the coming months.

Google also said its key digital feature will continue to expand to other phone and vehicle brands. It allows a model owner to unlock, lock or start their vehicle using a compatible Android phone. Most importantly, it also allows them to securely share their key with a family member or friend, regardless of whether they use an Apple or Android phone.