Google Pixel Drop 2024 New features with AI – Connect

Google Pixel Drop 2024: New features with AI – Connect

Google has revealed the new features of its Pixel Drop 2024 and the strong theme is obviously AI.

This is an exciting time for Pixel users, especially those who own the 8 and 8 Pro models. Although it has to be said that some new features seem to come directly from the Samsung Galaxy S24, which was introduced ten days ago.

Google is starting the year with a series of updates focused on innovative artificial intelligence features. Good news for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro owners: This feature will be available starting January 31st.

Circle to search

The first of these is the “Surround to Search” feature. You can start a search by simply circling an item on the screen, similar to an interactive screenshot. Be it text or image, no matter what the content is, this feature is a breeze.

Magical composing

The second new feature is called “Magic Compose”. She is reinventing the way of writing news. Using AI, this feature transforms everyday text into a stylistic masterpiece, whether you're looking for a professional, dramatic, lyrical, or Molière-worthy tone.

This feature is available on Pixel 6 and later and is exclusive to Google Messages. Special mention for the Pixel 8 Pro: Thanks to the integrated AI called Gemini Nano, your data is processed directly on the device, ensuring optimal confidentiality.


Google is also introducing Photomoji, a feature that lets you turn your photos into personalized reactions in Google Messages. Google is also replacing Nearby Share with Quick Share, promising even faster data exchange and integrating an attractive new icon.