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On the sidelines of its Google I/O, Google announced a new feature for Google Messages, its SMS application. It’s called “Magic Compose” and it’s an artificial intelligence that can write your SMS for you.

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This Google I/O 2023, which took place on May 10th, was consistently characterized by artificial intelligence. Google Bard, Magic Editor, the integration of AI in the search engine, in the office suite or the presentation of a new AI model, announcements rained down. On Android we will soon be able to automatically generate wallpapers. But that’s not all: Google Messages also has the right to present a novelty.

Google Messages can write your SMS for you

On the Google blog, we learn that its SMS application will be equipped with a new feature called Magic Compose. Based on generative AI, it aims to help you “add a touch of personality to your conversations”. It’s quite paradoxical that an artificial intelligence that has neither feelings nor personality would want to help you improve this, but that’s the stated goal. For several years, Google Messages has offered predefined replies that can be sent with a click.

Android Google dates its IO novelties FrandroidAI will end up in Google Messages // Source: Google

Specifically, Google Messages offers different responses to a message and predefined styles depending on the context of the message. We can also automatically shorten or make our messages more “professional”. Among the styles proposed in the demonstration video we can see “excited”, “relaxed”, “Shakespearean” or even “lyrical”. Responses may contain punctuation marks, breaking the rules of the English language, or even emojis.

A priori there is also a thumb system to evaluate the generated answers in order to adjust the AI. By clicking on the proposed message, it is inserted into the text field and a push of a button is all it takes to send it. Currently Magic Compose is not available but will be available in beta this summer.

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