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Gorge bus crashes: At least 40 killed in Pakistan

A bus with around 50 people on board crashed into a ravine in Pakistan today. At least 40 people were killed in the accident in the southwestern province of Balochistan, local officials said.

The bus driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle at high speed. Hamsa Andschum told media that the bus crashed into a bridge pier and fell into the gorge.

The wreckage of a burnt-out bus in Pakistan

APA/AFP/Ismail Sasoli

The vehicle caught fire. Four people were taken to a nearby hospital with injuries. It is assumed that the death toll will continue to rise. Serious traffic accidents are not uncommon in Pakistan due to poor infrastructure and roadless vehicles.

Fatal bus accident in Peru

A fatal bus accident also occurred in Peru, in which at least 24 people lost their lives, according to media reports. A long-distance bus with about 60 passengers on board crashed yesterday (local time) from a highway in Talara province, in the northwest of the Andean state, Peruvian media reported.

The police, referred to by the newspaper “La Republica”, among others, have not officially commented. Transport supervisory authority Sutran confirmed the fatal accident without naming multiple victims. The cause is not yet clear. The bus would have gone to Tumbes, close to the border with Ecuador.