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Gourmet pizza: the simplest and most appetizing recipes

There is never a bad day to prepare and bring to the table a beautiful day gourmet pizza, all days are correct! And if you want to celebrate that International Pizza Day in a really extraordinary way, then don’t miss these 5 special pizza recipes to make it at home like a starred chef!

5 easy to make gourmet pizza recipes

These gourmet pizza recipes are very appetizing but also easy to make, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes, follow our instructions and bake your creation today to delight your loved ones and friends who are visiting you for lunch. or have invited dinner!

Gourmet seafood pizzaPhoto Shutterstock | Marco Mayer

For lovers of savory sea flavors, here is the recipe for Seafood pizza. You can choose the variant with or without mozzarella, and for the sauce you can use peeled tomato paste or sliced ​​fresh cherry tomatoes. For seafood, we recommend using both peeled and unpeeled for a more appetizing result.

Pizza without mozzarella with vegetablesPhoto Shutterstock | Olga Nayashkova

On the other hand, if you’re vegan, or have an intolerance to dairy products, or just forgot to include that ingredient in your purchase, then the recipe is for Pizza without mozzarella with 8 vegetables is right for you! Tasty and aromatic, it can be prepared in just a few steps and the result is exceptional!

Pizza with figs and hamPhoto Shutterstock | Ratow Maxim

And here is one of the most popular gourmet pizza recipes for lovers of contrasting flavors: the Fig and prosciutto pizza It’s a show! The taste of the seasoned prosciutto harmonizes perfectly with the sweetness of the figs and together they give every bite an exceptionally delicious taste. Of course, for a Michelin-starred result, you must use excellent Parma ham or San Daniele.

Pizza with white trufflesPhoto Shutterstock | SARYMSAKOV ANDREY

The recipe from Pizza with white truffles it is special and tasty and is also particularly good if you want to prepare an aperitif snack with friends. In fact, you just have to use a rectangular pan to spread the dough and proceed with the filling based on cheese and black truffle flakes.

Charcoal PizzaPhoto Shutterstock | galsand

Finally, here is the recipe for a scenographic and particular gourmet pizza whose dough is made with coal and for this reason it is all black! But don’t worry, it’s actually not bad for your health! Actually the Charcoal pizza Boasts among its properties of fighting meteorism and facilitating intestinal transit, and this ingredient makes the pizza dough lighter and more digestible than other types.