Graciele Lacerda opens up about her biggest regret in her

Graciele Lacerda opens up about her biggest ‘regret’ in her relationship with Zezé Di Camargo and warns…


The influencer decided to vent about her personal relationship and her desire to become a mother

Playback/Instagram Zezé Di CamargoPlayback/Instagram Zezé Di Camargo

Graciele Lacerda has been in a relationship with compatriot Zezé Di Camargo, who is Luciano’s partner, for years. The singer’s fiancée revealed some of her plans, including becoming a mother which prompted some regret at some moments of this journey the two are involved in.

The influencer is in treatment to get her first heir. However, she says she deeply regrets not freezing her eggs. “(My biggest regret today) is definitely not freezing my eggs sooner. I gave up something that I’m struggling to do today,” he revealed on his official Instagram.

> Playback/Instagram Zezé Di Camargo

Graciele also explained that there was a big reason why she didn’t choose this path: “I’ve been blocking myself because of other people and because of gossip and it’s made it hurt me today and make it difficult for me. So that’s my biggest regret.”

To put an end to it, she leaves a little tip for women not planning to get pregnant: “Women, we never know tomorrow, so if you’re not thinking about having children, at least freeze it, because beforehand it will be very difficult, easier,” he concluded.