Grain exports Ukraine did not give Russia security guarantees

Grain exports: Ukraine did not give Russia security guarantees

Seven freighters underway in the Black Sea

Seven freighters carrying agricultural products left Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea. According to Kyiv’s Ministry of Infrastructure, they carried a total of 290,000 tons of food. Their destinations are countries in Europe and Asia.

As already mentioned, Russia announced on Wednesday that it would again participate in the grain export agreement with Ukraine. However, he declined to commit to extending the grain export agreement with Ukraine, which initially only ran until November 19. It is first necessary to verify that the agreement works, says Presidential Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

Russia does not want to compromise

The agreement came about in the summer through the mediation of the United Nations and Turkey. It allows Ukraine to export its grain despite the war through a protection corridor in the Black Sea.

After the drone attacks on Saturday, however, Russia declared that it could no longer provide security guarantees for civilian transport. On Wednesday, there was another swing after negotiations between president of russia Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan. Furthermore, according to Moscow, there should be written guarantees from Ukraine that the humanitarian corridor and ports that had been created would be used only for the export of food. This information has now been denied by Ukraine.