Grazi Massafera explained the reason for resuming contact with Caua

Grazi Massafera explained the reason for resuming contact with Cauã Reymond, leaving a concerned audience

Grazi Massafera talks about the relationship with her daughter and reconciliation with Cauã Reymond

Thank you Massafera is one of the big names in Brazilian teledramaturgy. After much effort and study, she has managed to distinguish herself as an actress and is now being called out for great characters and has a career that stretches beyond Globo’s borders, so much so that she recently left the channel.

But when it comes to intimate life, she is rather discreet. But every now and then she opens her intimacy with the public, as in an interview with Angélica on the Mina BemEstar channel, where she commented on her daughter Sofia, who is the result of her marriage to Cauã Reymond.

Caua Reymond, Grazi MassaferaCauã Reymond and Grazi Massafera (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

The little girl already has a great influence on her mother’s decisions and on this motherdaughter relationship, Grazi Massafera commented on the importance. “In this moment of discovering myself, there’s nothing more powerful than having a girl,” she said.

He also reported that he started studying some guidelines to share with his family. “Now I have started to study the structure of feminism, of racism in our country. This came to her aid in her education and with that I am reeducating myself. Since her birth, I’ve begun to redefine the values ​​of feminism, how much machismo has influenced me. I’ve always been very oppressed,” said Grazi Massafera.


In another recent interview with the newspaper O Globo, the famous said that she resumed her friendship with her exhusband, mainly because of the heiress. “I think she is going a special way. And the father is part of it,” he explained.

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In 2013, the couple split amid rumors of Cauã Reymond’s betrayal. It was around this time that he was recording the series Amores Roubados with Isis Valverde, which was said to have been the “linchpin” of the divorce, as Grazi himself explained to a group of photographers.

Isis Valverde denied any involvement, but to this day the story is still being debated among the behindthescenes artists. “It’s not part of my affective ethic, it always has been and always will be,” the beauty said.

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