Grimaldo would be sold to Belgrano for a million euros

Grimaldo would be sold to Belgrano for a million euros and will gain his first experience abroad

According to “Tigrillo” Navarro, the Peruvian national team winger will leave the blue tent and play for the Argentine club next season.

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The future of Joao Grimaldo it would be over by 2024 Sporty Cristal. The talented midfielder, who trained in the top club's minor divisions, enjoyed a special season in 2023 when he was called up to the Peru team for the first time. After his good performances, everything indicates that Grimaldo would have his first experiences abroad with this knowledge Belgrano de Cordoba It would be his next destination.

In the latest edition of the PBO Campeonísimo streaming program, sports commentator “Tigrillo” Navarro explained that the Peruvian national team winger will become a Belgrano de Cordoba the Argentine league.

According to the communicator, the experienced football player will be the new reinforcement of the Pirates and will be sold for more than a million dollars. Last season in the Cervecero team, Grimaldo played 40 games, scored 8 goals (7 in the First League and one in the Copa Libertadores) and provided 6 assists (4 in the Peruvian tournament and 2 assists in the Copa Conmebol Libertadores). ).

Until when does Joao Grimaldo have a connection to Sporting Cristal?

Joao Grimaldo has a contract with Sporting Cristal until the end of 2025. The last time the right winger extended his contract with the Rimense team was in July 2023.

Joao Grimaldo made his debut for the Peruvian team in qualifying

The 20-year-old soccer player made his debut with the Peruvian team at the 2026 South American qualifiers. Grimaldo was called up by Juan Reynoso and played four games with the Bicolor.

Which Peruvian players played in Belgrano?

Joao Grimaldo would not be the first Peruvian to play in Belgrano, Argentina. Get to know the list of other international players with a past in the Córdoba team.

  • Jose Moisela
  • Carlos 'Kukín' Flores
  • Eddy Carazas
  • Hansell Riojas

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