Grocery Products Stefano Faitas sauces are on the rise

Grocery Products | Stefano Faita’s sauces are on the rise

Stefano Faita put his first sauce jars on the shelves of IGA supermarkets in 2017. Almost six years later, the restaurateur announces the arrival of his products at Walmart and Maxi stores in Quebec starting this week. La Presse spoke to him about this rapid growth and its possible dangers.

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Their sauces are now available at all major Quebec stores, including Metro and Costco. With such an expansion, is there a risk of losing control?

The next step is… getting organized. Growth happens and is possible. But organizing that is difficult. The year 2023 is an organizational year for me. I’ve already hired two more people [pour grossir mon équipe]. We are in the process of setting up a system that will allow us to have all our data more easily, to know what is working and in which stores. It’s a system that we didn’t have before, but now we need it.

My products bear my name. I can’t afford to make mistakes. I have a good team, good partners, I’m talking about the manufacturer [Lassonde] who makes my products. That’s kind of the key. You must be strict and ensure that the product remains stable and there are no gaps. To grow, we work hard. Is that the secret of success? I don’t know, but for us it was.

Why is it so important to have your products on the shelves of all major chains?

We try to export outside of Quebec. Do you have partners like Walmart and Sobeys [IGA]who are all over Canada, it helps us have visibility in hopes of one day promoting our products and selling them outside of Quebec.

Would you like to expand your range with 65 foods?

Yes, the next one will be a Stefano coffee. Again, I find that it is an element that we find on an Italian table. An espresso at the end of a meal. That was my vision at the beginning. We are in the process of building the Italian table in Quebec and we aim to be the benchmark for food products.

Are you moving away from gastronomy or do you want to do both at the same time?

One does not prevent the other. I go to my restaurants almost every day, I see my employees. Of course, my partner and I had to put people in charge of administration. We need a slightly larger team, but that inspires me just as much as my products.

One of the perks I have is that I live in Little Italy, two blocks from my restaurants. It’s convenient for me. Both are fine. Thanks in part to the reputation of the restaurants, the products are well received.

Stefano Faita in brief

  • 65 foods (sauce, pizza, wine, sausage, meatballs, etc.)
  • Production of 150,000 pots per month
  • Co-owner of four restaurants: Impasto, Gemma, Chez Tousignant and Vesta