Guatemala almost erases red paint from Covid 19 plaque

Guatemala almost erases red paint from Covid 19 plaque

The traffic light valid for the next 14 days also shows 129 locations in orange (high alert level) and 210 in yellow (medium alert level) out of a total of 340.

In the previous report there were six in red, 238 in orange and 96 in yellow, showing that the risk of the disease still exists, especially with the presence of various Omicron sublineages with greater distribution and still low vaccination rates.

Both 15 days ago and today, no community has achieved the long-awaited green, the so-called new normal.

And despite the fact that infections are lower, the Mpsas warned this Monday that patients with secondary diseases are increasing, according to figures managed by post-covid clinics open in 33 hospitals across the country.

More than 24,000 people have been treated in these centers since October 28, 2021, mostly in the makeshift Parque de la Industria hospital in the capital.

The most common recurring symptoms include more chronic breathing problems, headaches, fatigue and muscle pain, and psychological sequelae (anxiety), manifesting in seven out of 10 cases.

Last week, Health Secretary Francisco Coma said positivity on tests conducted is less than 10 percent and hospital occupancy has not exceeded 18 percent from late January to date.

According to data from the Covid-19 dashboard operated by Mspas, there were an average of 975 cases per day from January 9-17.

The expected impact of the year-end celebrations is not alarming, stressed Coma, who urged Guatemalans to continue established biosecurity measures and resume the use of masks, especially in closed places.

Also in private schools, which have returned to face-to-face classes since last Monday.