1705447463 Guerrero and his harsh reaction to those who criticize him

Guerrero and his harsh reaction to those who criticize him for playing at 40: They don't know anything about football

Guerrero and his harsh reaction to those who criticize him

Paolo Guerrero He is one of the national footballers with a long football career. The Peruvian team's top scorer, who turned 40 on January 1, completed a dream season with LDU Quito after becoming champions of the Copa Sudamericana and LigaPro of Ecuador. However, his future has been uncertain for several weeks as contractual issues ended his relationship with the White team and he is currently looking for a team.

The truth is that the “Predator” is not currently thinking about a possible retirement. The ownership and contribution in the final stretch of the Liga Deportiva Universitaria season shows that the striker still has his strength.

What did Paolo Guerrero say about reaching the next World Cup?

The former Corinthians player was asked if he sees himself at the next World Cup in 2026. By then, Guerrero will be 42 years old. After the question, the Bicolor captain assured that he would continue playing as long as he felt comfortable and was aware that he could contribute.

“It's not like I see myself. From the age of 37 or 38, I said I would play football until my legs gave out. If I start to feel injuries, that I can't last a 90-minute game or something like that. “I'm done after a game, then I'll say I have to retire. Thank God I finished a season well, without injuries, champion and that's what counts for me. What people say afterwards about whether I want it “I'll play until I'm 45 or 47, I don't know, I can't say,” he explained in an interview for the streaming show “La Lengua”.

What did Paolo Guerrero say about the public's criticism of his age?

The “Predator” referred to the public who criticized him because of his age, asserting that they do not understand football since they have never stepped foot on a field professionally. In addition, he specified that if a footballer takes good care of himself, he can play for as many years as he wants.

“There are a lot of people who criticize (…). The only thing I think is that they don't know anything about football, they want to know, but they will have no idea what it is because they are already adults and they have no idea what a football player is , how much you can work or whether you are doing well because you haven't set foot in a field yet. They may think that because they are playing a game in their neighborhood, they are saying they are soccer players. “But no. I believe that today the football player has the opportunity to take care of himself, work hard and play as long as he wants,” he added.